United We Stand, Divided We Fall


Our nation is divided more today than it ever has been before. People are at odds with one another due to their differences in class, race, and political views, etc. Jesus said that in the last days, nation (ethnic group) will rise against nation (ethnic group). While it is apparent that these things are destined to occur within the world, that doesn't have to be true concerning the Church. In this series, United We Stand, Divided We Fall, Pastor Sean R. Moore discusses:

1.  Racism and God's plan for diversity within the church
2.  Lawlessness and the stage it's setting for the coming of the Antichrist
3.  Culture: Earthly Culture vs. Kingdom Culture and the loyalty decisions we will have to make when the two collide.
4.  Is the advancement of technology a sign that we're even closer to the end?

Jesus said that when His church became one, it would be a sign to the world that He really came. It's time for Christ's body to unite. United we stand, divided we fall.