Many people are familiar with the classic heroic tale of David and Goliath. What's powerful about this story is not just the fact that David played Goliath, but that he actually believed that what he had in his possession was enough to take him out.  The force, velocity and power behind what we're slinging out of our mouths has a lot to do with what we're mediating on in our minds & hearts.  Mediation is not some spooky, mystical thing that only non-Christians do.  In Slingshot, Pastor Sean R. Moore explains how we can mediate on the promises of God to the degree that they become useful tools that we can use through our words to slay the giants in our lives.  It's time for us to learn how to mediate our success. Just like Goliath, those 9ft. 3inch problems are no match for God or for believers who know how to properly use their slingshot.