Sex can be taboo in church, but God is the one that made sex.  In fact, God is the one that made us and He created our bodies. So God has the inside scoop on how to have the BEST SEX possible! Why? Because His truth makes us free to have the best sex life imaginable whether single or married.  Pastor Sean R. Moore invites you to hear God's truth about sex  As believers we don't have to look to the world or the porn industry in order to experience GREAT SEX! Jesus promised in John 8:31-32 that as His disciples we would know the truth and the truth shall make us free. God created sex for marriage.  Therefore, for single Christians God has provided "safety guards" for sexual purity, and for the married couples He has provided the opportunity for them to "fire at will." Getting the truth and understanding God's heart will prevent us from accepting the lies concerning sex, such as "everyone is doing it" when you are single and sex isn't the same anymore" when you are married.  God has His best available when it comes to every area of life, including sex.  So let's talk about it!