Rooted Series (MP3)


In this MP3 series Pastor Sean R. Moore explores the four stages of increase, Rooted, Faithful, Fruitful and Multiply. These four principles apply to every area of your life - spiritually, financially, professionally, fulfilling your purpose and launching something new. 

In Romans 1, God tells us that His power and divinity are made clearly discernible through the things that He has made. Our simple observation of nature will give us insight and understanding about God and how He operates. One of the things that's pretty common in nature are the patterns in which things grow. In Genesis, God not only created animals and vegetation, but He also placed within them the ability to reproduce after their kind. If you were to do a study on animals or plant life, one of the things you would find is uniqueness, but mostly similarities amongst common species. Man was also created from the dust of the ground, from the same environment the plants and animals were created from. God has uniquely made each of us, yet we have more in common as human beings.

In this four-part series, Pastor Sean R. Moore will next six lessons, will explore each of the four stages of increase and discover what God says about each stage.