#Keeping It 100 - MP3 Series


A MP3 series by Pastor Sean R. Moore

Have you ever wondered how to be completely honest with someone without hurting their feelings or offending them? Haven't we all? Some people will choose to say nothing unless they can figure out how to say it the right way, or only if the right opportunity presents itself. Others throw caution to the wind and say what's on their mind whether people like it or not. Which perspective is right?

In this series, #KeepingIt100: How to Give and Receive Constructive Criticism, Pastor Sean R. Moore addresses this very topic. Learn how to communicate honestly and effectively without harming the listener and skewing the integrity of your message. Learn the difference between constructive and destructive criticism.

Honest and open communication is so important in developing, cultivating and maintaining authentic relationships. So in our everyday interactions with people, let's ensure that we are Keeping-It-100!

*NOTE* MP3 files are packaged in a zip file that will need to be downloaded to a computer and unpackaged to listen to the audio mp3 files.