Hacked: Reclaiming Your God Given Identity


An MP3 Sermon Series by Pastor Sean R. Moore

When Jesus died on the cross, He handed us a new identity in Him. We went from being servants to sons and daughters, unrighteous to righteous and from being guilty to being forgiven. That's good news! But unfortunately many believers either do not know this or due to challenges have forgotten this. In this eye-opening series, Hacked, Pastor Sean R. Moore shines the light on the deception that the enemy has used to hinder believers from walking in their God-given identities. In this series, you will learn how to avoid identity crisis, theft, fraud and loss. It's time believers experience all of the God-given rights and authority that Jesus died to give. This becomes possible when we accept God's definition of who we really are. At that point, we will protect our identities from being hacked.