Spiritual Authority - Sermon Series


• Is the enemy able to attack me anytime he wants?

• Is God sovereignly in control of every good and bad situation that happens in my life?

• Is everything that happens to me the result of my decisions, good works and obedience?

These are just some of the questions answered by Pastor Sean R. Moore in this eye opening series, Spiritual Authority. These messages are designed to strengthen your faith.

The Word is full of spiritual laws that can work for us when we exercise our authority properly. Just like law enforcement has the authority to enforce laws that have already been authorized- we too can do the same thing with spiritual law. Some of us are waiting for God to rush in and enforce certain things, when God is waiting for us to speak up and do something about it. It's time to learn how. It's time to rule and reign in our spheres of influence for God's glory. It's time to exercise our spiritual authority!